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It used to be shareware programmers were basically hobbyists, giving a copy of their program away and hoping to make a little extra money to supplement their main income. Today's shareware developers, however, are often professional programmers making a living marketing their software via shareware . The Shareware Authors Resource Guide was written by someone that long ago turned such a hobby into a full time, profitable business, and he wants to share how! Whether you're a veteran shareware author or you are just starting your shareware business, you'll find the information in the Shareware Authors Resource Guide extremely helpful to starting and running a successful shareware business. Features: Learn strategies for programming for the shareware market - Find out where and how to distribute your shareware. - Read about clever marketing ideas. - Discover online resources useful to shareware authors. - Learn how to increase customer payments. - Ultimately find out how to make more profit with your shareware business.

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